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Zoological Types

  • Acarology: The branch of zoology known as "acarology" is dedicated to the study of ticks and mites. Organisms are categorized in their own secondary class within this extremely varied field.
  • Entomology:It is the area of zoology that focuses on studying insects and how they relate to other living things. The scientific disciplines of ecology, biochemistry, developmental biology, and anthropology are often intertwined with this branch of zoology.
  • Ethology: The scientific study of animal behavior and reactions in their natural environments is known as ethology. The investigation aids in the identification of the psychological system that controls the animals` behavior.
  • Batrachology: The vast field of study known as "batrachology" is devoted to the study of amphibians, including frogs. Numerous experts in batrachology also investigate the evolution, ethology, and anatomy of amphibians.
  • Ichthyology: It is the study of various fish species and how they behave and grow within their environments. It is a subfield of zoology.
  • Mammalogy: It is a broad branch of biology that studies and examines mammals, including their structure, history, function, classification, management, and so on.
  • Ornithology: It is the study of birds, including their behavior, evolution, species, instincts, and conservation. It is a subfield of zoology. Numerous instruments and methods are employed in this discipline both within and outside of the laboratory.

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There is more to zoology than just portraying the animal kingdom in all its beauty. It also has to do with the scientific research and testing done to gain a deeper understanding of the species. This is in line with the goal of learning more about their environment, health, illness, and anatomy, among other things.

Researchers from the field contribute further knowledge on subjects such as:

  • The study of neurobiology
  • Calculus for Evolutionary Statistics
  • Population of Organisms biological
  • Animal Conduct

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  • Animals with only one cell can move.
  • Traits of animals lacking distinguishing organs.
  • Most members of these groups are medusae.
  • Significance of raptors in a city`s environment.
  • Protozoan reproduction.
  • Sycon`s organizational structure.
  • Interpretation of Darwin`s hypothesis.

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