About US

Coherent features about us

Our mission at king essay is to provide high quality and trusted service. We provide essay writing services in a huge range of disciplines by top professionals in the industry who are experienced in their field. We have been solving problems of our clients for more than 10 years now and we have made successful clients throughout the time. We can proudly say that our services and our values have made us successful today and we continue to provide the best essay writing service out there.

Our core Mission

We work in the best interest of our clients. We aim to provide up-to-date services with expert writers and affordable prices that gives the best customer solution. We deliver pro academic service to help our younger generation find a purposeful future. We play our part in bringing the students to a productive halt and help them grow. We fulfill our promises and prove to be best academic writing service in UK.

Our vision statement

We work for a good cause. We have vision for a better future of students:

  • We give assistance to students who find struggle in doing their school/college/university essay. Our expert essay writers work to boost their academic worth and prove their credibility to their professors. 
  • We hunt the best talent in the industry to prove our academic service to be top-notch and qualified. We continuously train our writers to broaden their knowledge and hit higher goals. 
  • We keep a healthy environment to maintain a productive workforce. We satisfy all our employee needs to make sure they stay motivated and satisfy our customer needs. 


Our values

We have been successful in satisfying 95% of our customers and we believe that our ethical standards and trusted values have made us achieve that.

  • Our professional essay writing service is highly affordable and reliable for all range of subjects. We keep our prices cheap and complement with free revisions and rechecks to satisfy our customer to the fullest. 
  • We give personalized services, we believe every student has different needs and every person studies a same topic with different understanding. We give one-on-one services to individual clients and listen to their concerns before starting their essay.
  • We provide a flexible service. We are on roll 24/7 to assist our clients. Our support team is available round the clock to solve our client’s queries and guide them about our services and terms & conditions. 
  • We never exploit our clients. We believe in truthful virtues. We deliver what we speak of. Our service is equally beneficial for all our clients. We treat all our clients equally. 

The proficiency that makes us standout

There’s no short cut to success. We paved our way to become the top UK essay writing service because we never compromised on quality. Our expert essay writers always go over the line to provide the best customer solution. We hire writers from a broad range of field so that, we never go short on any clients essay. Our writers possess the right knowledge and expertise to provide your solutions.