Privacy Policy

Your Privacy Is Our Priority

We understand the concern of our customers related to security of their information and details and we ethically make sure we don’t publicize anything that our clients trust us with. We follow these guidelines:

  • We take detail information about your name, address, email id, credit card details, assignment deadline, and number of words, assignment disciplines, and further details if required. We save all the details and they are only available to our writers. We make sure we keep them saved to use it in future.
  • We keep a track of the visitors that come to our website, it helps us with marketing purposes, and some customers who visit to place their order we note their name, country and contact number.
  • We consider this our utmost duty to safe guard the information o for clients and secure them from data breach. We have strict security systems that keep all the data safe and secure.
  • According to the cookies policy, we make sure we increase our websites adaptability to improve the online experience of our customers when they visit our site. It also evaluates the volume of visitors to our website. We take steps to improve our website and optimize the data to make it an easy and flexible buying experience for our clients.
  • We hold rights to alter our policies but we assure that we work in the best interest of our employees and our customers. We make changes in the policies to prove it safe and secure. If you want to stay updated with our policies, we would recommend you to visit us site once or twice in a month. 

Why we take your personal details:

We take details to get back to the customer if something needs to be discussed, we track your order with the ID we allot every client. We aim to get feedbacks from our clients when the dealing is finished. We sometimes use the data to send promotional emails and to inform our client about our latest deals and upgraded services, or to get back to the client to confirm anything.

We take personal details to make sure we’re not being deceived by any scam because it would be unfair to the both ends if we get into any misunderstanding.

Who gets access to the information?

We have very strict policies against security. There are various scam website online that take your personal details and never get back with any completed essay. Students are usually confused on getting online help, but you don’t need to worry about anything if you choose king essay, we give assurance that we go by our words; we speak of quality over quantity. We only give out data in the following terms:

  • We disclose the information to the writer who is doing your essay to inform them about words, topics, and deadlines.
  • If we sell our company and someone taking over continues the same service, we pass on the information to avoid future inconvenience.
  • We disclose the payment details to our finance department, to track the payments and facilitate refunds.