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What is Law?

Law, in its widest sense, means and involves a uniformity of behavior, a constancy of happenings or a cause of events, and rules of action, whether in the phenomena of nature or in the ways rational human beings. In its general sense law means an order of the universe, of events, of things or actions.

In simple words, Law may be referred to as a body of rules that are determined and enforced by the state and that are intended to channel behavior and to resolve certain adverse events.

Thus a legal rule might forbid littering in a park and impose a fine for its violation, might impose expectation damages for violation of a contract, or might declare murder a crime and punish it with a sentence of at least of 10 years of imprisonment.

The effectiveness of law enforcement depends, other things being equal, on the magnitude of sanctions and on the probability with which they are imposed for violations. The magnitude of sanctions is chosen by the state and can be as high as the wealth of the violator if monetary and as a life term of imprisonment. The probability of sanctions depends on the actions of private parties who might bring the suit if the violation is civil and on the effort of public enforcement agents, otherwise.

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