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Medical Technology History

The first stethoscope was created in 1816, marking the beginning of medical technology. In 1819, there was a successful blood transfer that came after this. The first vaccination against cholera was developed in late 1880. According to medical historian Broksky (2010), the first dialysis treatment machine was introduced to the medical community in 1942. In addition, the successful surgery of the eye in 1975 was made possible by the use of technology in medicine. In 1969, there was also the first human heart transplant (Duffin, 2010). The use of technology in medicine has made all of these tasks easier.

Medical Technology`s Future

The healthcare sector will be significantly impacted by the continuous use of technology, particularly computers, in medical processes. Computers, for example, have made it possible to store medical data effectively. These days, medical data is kept electronically in databases that are conveniently accessible whenever needed. Computer systems have the capacity to store enormous volumes of data, including personal health history information. This has made diagnosing recurrent illnesses more easier. If healthcare service providers adopt the right technology, future computer systems that will be employed in healthcare facilities will surely overcome the difficulties and inefficiencies of the current systems.

Eaton and Kennedy assert that the use of contemporary medical technology will lead to faster, more dependable, and more accurate sickness diagnosis. Additionally, it will make the medical area more accessible for future study, such as bioengineering techniques (2007). Utilizing technology, such as online resources, will allow medical professionals to diagnose and treat patients from the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, there will be more efficacy and efficiency in the oversight, assessment, and monitoring of patient therapies.

When utilizing technology in medicine, however, extreme caution must be exercised. For instance, patient data kept on computer systems must be secured against hackers and other unauthorized users. This will assist in protecting patients` privacy and confidentiality. Furthermore, the entire diagnosis and treatment process shouldn`t be left up to the control of systems like knowledge work systems or expert systems utilized in healthcare services. These kinds of systems are limited to helping physicians make judgments. According to Hill and Summers (2008), the healthcare business has benefited from the efficient management of healthcare services offered by the development and implementation of information and communication technology. Computer networks, for example, have made it easier to share medical ideas, inventions, and information, which has raised the standard of medical care. According to Helman (2010), disease diagnosis in the near future will take into account the identification of microbial processes that cause diseases in addition to symptoms.

The convergence of technology and medicine has substantially improved the standard of healthcare services, including the prevention and treatment of disease. Thanks to medical science, fatal diseases like cancer can now be treated using radiation and X-rays. The price of treating illnesses has also decreased significantly.

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