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What is Film Making?

A film is a collection of still photos that are quickly projected with light onto a screen. A movie is a type of entertainment where a narrative is told through music and a sequence of pictures that create the impression of continuous motion. A film is a group of moving images that are shown on a screen and usually have music to tell a narrative. In conclusion, a film is an assortment of captured motion pictures that can be viewed on television or in a theater.

A movie is a type of entertainment where a series of still images and music are combined to provide the impression of motion. People from different languages have found entertainment in movies. Three decades passed before significant technological advancements in film were realized, with the switch from films to digital cameras and the subsequent emergence of high-definition digital. Some of the biggest and most important events of the 20th century have been immortalized in motion pictures. Two instances of sights that will never fade from our memories are the devastation caused by an atomic bomb and the Holocaust. Two optical phenomena that are used to create illusions in movies are phenomenology and the persistence of vision. Hollywood created traditional narrative cinema in the 1930s, more than a century ago. Filmmaking methods are always evolving, and outdated strategies are being phased out. As a result, the study will examine the history and current developments in film.

History of Film

Since the development of film technology back in the late 1800s, cinema has been a creative medium for a very long time. A commercial public presentation of ten films by the Lumière brothers on December 28, 1895, was regarded as the first instance of displayed cinematographic motion images. Production firms and film studios have increased globally. In the first ten years of the twentieth century, movies progressed from being a novel idea to a firmly established form of popular entertainment. The black and white film was used to record the first silent movies. Camera maneuvers and editing are examples of cinematic methods that have helped standards evolve into a common cinematic language. Several national film industries were formed by 1914.

In addition, the US was a modest player in these industries, with Scandinavia, Russia, and Europe being the most important. Storytelling took center stage in filmmaking as movies got longer. Large studios and specialty theaters emerged as people began to pay to watch movies, and the companies that developed around them increased their financial investment in the production, marketing, and distribution of the films. America`s prominence grew as a result of the First World War`s effects on Europe`s film industry. The growth of technology, the storytelling form, and the consolidation and establishment of an industrial basis characterized the first thirty years of cinema history.

In the past, black-and-white films were colored by hand coloring, tinting, toning, and stenciling. Moving pictures were produced using the Kinemacolor process, which was first shown to the public in 1909 and employed color separation ideas created in 1906. The popularity of digital production processes grew in the 1990s, leading to an increase in feature-length computer animations. Other movie genres, such newsreels, horror movies, and musicals (which have been around since the late 1920s), have changed and gained and lost popularity throughout time (from the Golden Age to the 1970s).

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